The Born Strong Philosophy: Strength is natural, and instinctive movement patterns should be the strongest and most effective.

Through modern life most people start to lose these instinctive movement patterns from a young age. This makes our movement less efficient and less effective. For anyone with any sporting aspirations this presents a barrier. The longer we go without moving properly the harder it is to correct technique and deal with the issues that inevitably follow years of poor posture and movement patterns.

The Born Strong philosophy is to address this as early as possible, to nurture and re-enforce natural movement that is the key to unlocking physical performance. Physical literacy should be the foundation of any aspiring athletes’ strength & conditioning work, and at the centre of any teams training. Not least for its help in preventing injury.

For more than a decade this philosophy has been honed through gaining further qualifications, learning and being put into practice to good effect.


About Me: Associate member of the UKSCA with strength & conditioning and Olympic weightlifting coaching qualifications.

I have a sporting background in football and an active interest in other sports including running, triathlon and rugby. With over 12 years experience within the health & fitness industry I have found my biggest passion to be focussing on movement quality and co-ordination, both of which I help people with every day.

With Born Strong I am looking to increasingly work with youth sports clubs/teams to give their young athletes the grounding in strength & conditioning they will need to succeed in their chosen sport.

When you look at the modern implementation of strength & conditioning across all sports and the physicality of athletes at the top levels you will see that physical conditioning can no longer be neglected at youth level by anyone wanting to succeed.

Strength & Conditioning

Improving performance ability from the foundations. Working with individuals or the individuals that make up a team, and making them stronger.

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Nutritional Basics

With so much contradictory and unreliable information on nutrition going around, it’s good to get right back to the basics, understand what you need, and how to get it.

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Personal Training

With over ten years experience in Personal Training, I have helped numerous people lose weight (healthily), gain strength and perform better.

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