Weight To Go was a service backed by the British Heart Foundation, the NHS, Glasgow Life and slimming clubs aimed at young people who are overweight.

I worked as a gym champion welcoming the young people to the gyms, teaching them about the equipment and how to get the best results from it.

The service had a great deal of success on the weight loss front, there was also a huge amount of success in terms of improving the confidence of the young people who enrolled.

Shape-Up was a healthy eating and healthy living course developed by the NHS and Glasgow Life, targeted at anyone wanting nutritional and exercise support.

I delivered the courses, covering subjects including portion control, the food groups, food labelling, analysing food diaries, and tailoring physical activity to their individual abilities and requirements.

The project was successful in educating people about the basics of good nutrition and allowing them to take control of their own health in a convenient and confident manner.

Weight Loss = 11st. At his lightest Radek had lost 11st in weight and has recently been increasing his muscle mass by weight training and Olympic lifting.

“I feel much more confident and believe in myself. Billy helped me lose weight and build strength, the training has completely changed my health for the better. I am now very passionate about the gym and my training”

Weight Loss = 2.5st. Bodyfat has gone from 43.2% to 30.8%.

“I spoke to Billy after a spin class and he gave me some nutritional advice. When I felt the benefits of that advice I decided to purchase personal training. Since then I have slimmed a lot and feel much fitter. My friends and family have noticed a big change.”

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